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Oracle Payroll R12 - Payment Method

This is the first part of this tutorial, Oracle Payroll require at least one Payment Method, which is necessary to run the Payroll, so I will demonstrate how to create Payment Method in Oracle Application HRMS R12.

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  1. Payroll videos are not able view in full screen.Please consider.Thanks

  2. you can download these through any video grabber software and then can see full view

  3. Please suggest any grabber software...

  4. i tried not able download using realplayer..

  5. with real player 11 it is possible

  6. You can use Orbit downloader , after installation click on the video screen , you will get getit link, click on this link and download video

  7. Thanks for sharing your good work. I really appreciate your initiative. When I tried to play the content from videos I did not hear voice, not sure if that how the videos are made. If so I would suggest to add voice to videos to make them more useful.

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