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Oracle Time and Labour

OTL Processing, From Timecard to Batch Element for Payroll

The purpose of this document is to provide users an overview of the OTL process flows
and how the order of processing could impact payroll processing. This document
highlights the tables that are impacted as time is entered in OTL and progressed to the
batch element entry for payroll.
This is a case history study that highlights issues uncovered due to incorrect process steps
and two current bugs being worked on by Oracle Development.
Issues highlighted in this document:
1. Overtime rules were not applied during the transfer of Retro batches (Transfer
Time from OTL to BEE). In this issue any time interfaced to the professional
timecard as ‘retro’ did not calculate overtime. Reference bug 3457385 where retro
batches are not calculating overtime. Patch has just become available (April-
2004), depending on the HXT release you are on. Patch 3517194 for HXT.F,
patch 3507727 for HXT.F.1 and patch 3385080 for HXT.G.
2. Time was doubled for retro batches. The system populated the
pay_batch_element_lines with the time interfaced to the original batch and then
again on the retro batch. Reference bug 3385080 unchanged entries included in
retro batch. Patch has just become available (April-2004), depending on the HXT
release you are on. Patch 3517194 for HXT.F, patch 3507727 for HXT.F.1 and
patch 3385080 for HXT.G.
3. Header records were missing on the professional timecard for both Regular and
Retro batches. This was not an actual issue, but an education of how purging pay
batches will impact your professional timecard.
Note: The process step section will call out where the issues were encountered and state
if there is an issue with the process or application functionality.
Configuration and Application Background:
· Payroll Periods:
1. 01/01/04 – 01/15/04
2. 01/16/04 – 01/31/04
· Project Accounting System, Week Ending Dates:
1. 01/02/04
2. 01/09/04
3. 01/16/04
4. 01/23/04
5. 01/30/04
Background of Events for January Processing:
For Payroll Period Jan-15:
On January 21, 2004 the first transfer of Timecards was run. At that point in time, there
was time for the first two Payroll Periods in January as 01/16/04 falls in the 31-Jan
payroll. The transfer process was run without a date parameter, so batches were created
for both the Jan-15 and Jan-31 payrolls. The Jan-31 professional timecards had only one
day of hours per each employee. We’ll see later how this created multiple retro batches
on the employees’ professional timecard.
The company in question reviewed the ADP extract file and discovered that there were
200 employees missing from the extract file but each had approved timecards for the PA
periods Jan-2, Jan-9 and Jan-16. Company was able to view the approved timecards in
OTL but couldn’t see this information in the Professional Timecard form. This issue was
eventually diagnosed and we found that the missing people were associated with batches
where the Header record was missing (Issue #3). A user erroneously purging payroll
batches prior to the processing of payroll created this problem.
Questions and Answers on Purging Payroll Batches: What is the business rule
associated with purging batches? Batches may be purged at any stage. The system does
not validate that batches have been processed for payroll, rather it relies on your
decision that this batch should be payroll processed.
Does the purge function allow batches to be purged that contain detailed records? Yes,
therefore it is critical that prior to an unprocessed batch being purged the records are
checked and verified.
Is there a message that is supposed to be displayed preventing purging detailed records?
No error message is provided.
For Payroll Period Jan-31:
On January 27th, company ran the second transfer of Timecards again with no parameters.
After running the transfer programs, it was noticed that very little time transferred to
BEE. The only data transferred was associated with Jan-16, or data for people that
submitted late timecards for payroll period Jan-15 (timecards for Jan-2, Jan-9 and Jan-16
processed after the first Jan-21 transfer). A third transfer was run on February 4, 2004
and again it was realized the same identified issues existed. The problem was diagnosed
and the education process on the concept of Retro batches was started. It was the
determined that over 3,000 Retro batches were created, 1 for each person. The retro
batches were created due to the process ‘Transfer Time from OTL to BEE’ being run
with no date parameters. If a date parameter were used for the initial transfer of the 15-
Jan transfer, a record would not have been created for employees with time on 16-Jan, or
one day of time on this payroll professional timecard.
The Retro batches were created on the professional timecard through the concurrent
program ‘Transfer Time from OTL to BEE’. The Retro batches were processed but no
overtime was calculated (Issue #1). At this point we weren’t sure if this was a missing
setup, by design or an application issue. To correct this issue, we updated the time for
350 non-exempt employees by performing a ‘no-change’ on each record and allow the
form to explode the overtime. This process calculated the correct overtime on the form
and marked the impacted records with a ‘C’.
The next step was to validate and transfer over 3,000 Retro batches. When processing
the Retro batches the system duplicated time that was processed on the original batch
plus the time on the Retro batch (Issue #2).
Time Entry
Let’s first discuss the initial time entry. User enters a timesheet and it follows the path of
submission through approval. Using Self Service to enter timecards, this populates the
self-service tables. The main table is HXC_TIME_BUILDING_BLOCKS and the actual
timecard resides in the table whether the status equal Working, Submitted, Rejected or
OTL Process Steps:
Below are the steps performed after the timesheet is in an Approved status. A step with
an alpha suffix has now been added and was not previously run prior to identification of
the issues and educating everyone to the workings of the system.
Step 1: HR Super User
Submit Processes and Reports – Single Request
Process Name: Transfer Time from OTL to BEE
Incremental: Yes
Retrieval Transaction Code: User Defined
Batch Selection: New
New Batch Reference: User Defined
Status in BEE: Unprocessed
OTLR Details to BEE: Yes
Question: We currently do not populate the start and end date parameters. Should the
standard procedure be the end date always = the current payroll end date? By adapting
this philosophy should eliminate the numerous retro batches that were created in the
Lessons Learned 1: This process should be run when preparing to process a payroll cycle
with the goal to eliminate unnecessary retro batches. The end date parameter should be
populated with the current payroll period end date, preventing batches from being
created for future payroll periods with partial time.
Lessons Learned 2: We believe the payroll batch headers may have been purged at this
point or after step 4 (see below). In the future, batches will not be purged until the
payroll cycle has been completed and verified. Batches that are purged will have a status
of ‘Transferred’ or thoroughly researched to ensure there are no attached time
transactions that need to be processed.
Step 2: US OTL Application Developer
Process and Reports/Submit Request
Name: Validate for BEE
Starting Batch Name: ‘First Batch in List’
Ending Batch Name: ‘ Last Batch in List’
Batch Reference: Last Batch in List’
Step 3: US OTL Application Developer
Name: Transfer to BEE
Process Date: Pay Period End Date
Starting Batch Name: ‘First Batch in List’
Ending Batch Name: ‘ Last Batch in List’
Batch Reference: Last Batch in List’
Step 2a: US OTL Application Developer
Process and Reports/Submit Request
Name: Validate for BEE (Retro)
Starting Batch Name: ‘First Batch in List’
Ending Batch Name: ‘ Last Batch in List’
Batch Reference: Last Batch in List’
Step 3a: US OTL Application Developer
Name: Transfer to BEE (Retro)
Process Date: Pay Period End Date
Starting Batch Name: ‘First Batch in List’
Ending Batch Name: ‘ Last Batch in List’
Batch Reference: Last Batch in List’
Lessons Learned 3: When modifying a professional timecard either by adding additional
time through the OTL transfer or by manually adjusting the timecard we need to process
these batches. The Validate for BEE (Retro) and Transfer to BEE (Retro) need to be run
prior to processing the payroll interface.
Lessons Learned 4: The pay_batch_element_lines do not get populated on a payroll
batch until after processes Transfer to BEE and Transfer to BEE (Retro) are completed.
Lessons Learned 5: After running the validate and transfer processes and no element
lines are on the pay batch you need to ensure there are no errors that caused the
validation or transfer not to complete successfully. To find the errors, open the form Time
Entry Errors under Time Accounting. Query the form and enter ‘ERR’ under the status
field. This will bring up all errors and identify the employee records that need to be
corrected and identify the issue.
Step 4: US OTL Application Developer
Navigation: OTL Time Accounting
Mass Info Exchange: Mix
BEE Summary
Ctrl F11, view all batches
Click on unprocessed batch
View Batch
Element Lines
If empty, purge
Lessons Learned 6: The batch should never be deleted unless researched and verified
there should be no valid element lines. See Lessons Learned 5 for the method to identify if
there is a processing problem.
If not empty, Validate -> Start
Transfer -> Start
Step 5: Interface your batches to payroll.
Tables Updated in OTL
In researching OTL issues or writing reports for OTL the basic tables that are populated
are listed below, depending on the process being run or the stage of the timecard. Also
note that how the purging of pay batches impacts tables and the view of the Professional
Using Self Service to enter timecards, the main table populated is
HXC_TIME_BUILDING_BLOCKS. This table holds the timecard regardless of the
status being Working, Submitted, Approved or Rejected.
When you run the process ‘Transfer Time from OTL to BEE’, (the Preference OTLR
Rules Evaluation = Yes), the data passes to the Professional (PUI) timecard. When the
PUI timecard is created, it also creates a record in the BEE header table.
PUI timecard data is located in tables HXT_TIMECARDS_F,
Note: HXC tables are also being populated, these referring to the old OTM tables.
The BEE Table that is populated is the header table PAY_BATCH_HEADERS.
When you run the ‘Transfer to BEE’ process, it moves the PUI timecard data into the
BEE lines table, PAY_BATCH_LINES.
When you run the BEE Purge process, this only purges the BEE tables. This does not
remove any data from the PUI timecard tables. By running the BEE purge process, you
break the link (batch_id) between the timecard and the BEE header. You must have a
BEE header record in order to be able to view the (PUI) Professional timecard. There is
no purge process to only remove the BEE lines data from (PAY_BATCH_LINES). This
means you can no longer see your Professional (PUI) timecard, but you will still be able
to see the Self Service timecard. In the case discussed above, the professional timecard
could no longer be viewed because the pay batch was purged.
Note: When you run the Transfer Time from OTL to BEE (the Preference OTLR
Rules Evaluation = No), the data passes directly to BEE and both the BEE
header and lines tables are populated with the data. If you were to run
the BEE purge process for this type of transfer, you still be able to
see your SS timecard.


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